Stay Away From Here | The State of Regret

  • Posted June 28, 2012

Stay away from here! It is one of the most hellish places on Earth. It wreaks havoc on you in mind, body, and spirit and can lead to the torment of your soul. Where is this most damned of places? The answer is your own state of REGRET.

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Stay away from here, it won’t let you easily leave.

Actually, we all have been there before. We have been in situations in which we are unsure. These situations allow hesitation to rule over us. The hesitation leads to a watered down reaction, or worse yet, no reaction at all!

While a lukewarm reaction is damning, it is the non-reaction that is most detrimental to your health. For example, being in an uncomfortable situation may lead you to take the route most traveled so as to avoid criticism of others. People will often do whatever it takes to gain approval from others and not be made fun of. But in that impulse, they overlook the toll that stress will take on them, just after the opportunity passes.

The very next day, or possibly the next moment, they find themselves relegated in the state of regret. You need to stay away from here. Regret shows no mercy. It will attack you all over and you will immediately notice it in your gut. Feeling like a cauldron of boiling anxiety eating through your stomach or an industrial government document shredder (like may used in Fast and Furious gun running scheme), this self-imposed stress will literally harm your health.

When experiencing this state of regret, you would give nearly anything to be put in that original uncomfortable situation. The different actions and outcomes that cross your mind ‘today’ have you yearn for the opportunity to retry ‘yesterday.’ Things you otherwise wouldn’t have considered, even on your bravest day, you now pine for the chance to try now. The state of regret. Stay away from here.

This pain of NOT being able to put your new found courage to the test is way more harmful than the pain of ‘going out on a limb’ in the first place. The pain of failure is nothing compared to the pain of not trying and not knowing. Keep this in mind next time you are presented with a situation out of your comfort zone. Know that your best chance to grow your BIGGEST gains is out of your comfort zone.

With integrity, analyze everything instantaneously with a risk vs reward approach. What’s the absolute best result and what is the absolute worst result. Unless the worst result is death or total loss of wealth, chances are, the possible benefits of reward far outweigh the possible pains from the risk.



Easy example, you see that special woman you always had a thing for. Approaching her is very uncomfortable and nerve racking for you so you take a risk vs reward approach.

Worst probable Risk: Unless she is a psycho and tries to cut you into little pieces, she will most likely just decline your interest and nothing more will happen. Here, knowing a crush is a psycho would be quite helpful. Also, knowing that she has no interest in you is helpful and maybe you can move on from her. Why would you like someone who won’t reciprocate anyway?

Best probable reward: She has the same feelings, you date, get married, and have many kids. The End

Based on these outcomes, the possibility of finding someone who will make your life ETERNALLY COMPLETE far outweighs the risk of experiencing a TEMPORARY REJECTION. In this case, by not approaching her, you would be doing all parties involved a great disservice.

Hang with us here, as we are going to explore a few more situations that you or someone you know may encounter in life.


LIFE PATH (student)

Another example that may relegate you to the State of Regret is your life path. Did you go to a school only to please your family and those around you while keeping your true feelings hidden? Did you accept a job only because everyone expected you to? Life paths are not easily changed, but again, getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, it is however the most rewarding.

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Let’s look at a risk vs reward situation for a life path. Of course, this is much easier when you are not supporting a family with your income, but we’ll approach this as a junior in college. Keep in mind EVERY situation will be unique.

You are 20 years old and attending a university. You are not happy with your choice or the academic path at all, but you already paid half (say $30,000) and everyone expects you to finish and become that fill in blank, which you no longer desire.

You decide to stay in school and finish out your degree in the initial profession.

Best outcome (REWARD): You suddenly regain your lost passion and the $60,000 investment was worth it and all your friends and family love you. Only you can decide the probability of this best outcome.

Worst Outcome (RISK): You wasted the additional $30,000 when it could have been used for something you were really passionate about. Your friends and family are pleased with your ‘status,’ but you live life completely miserable with your profession. You end up never finding your niche and REGRET everyday of your life for not pursuing what you loved. On your deathbed, your biggest disappointment is not knowing what could have been.

In this case, it seems the best scenario would be to go on hiatus from school and find your passion, then learn to make money with it. Sure friends and family may make you feel like shit at first, but it beats feeling like shit the rest of your life. Besides, if it was just a phase, you can always go back to school and finish what you started later, if you so desire. However, if you sink all you have into something you have no belief in, then you may not have the opportunity or resources to change course later.

Get Me Out of Here | Stay Away from Here | The State of Regret |

Get Me Out of Here

We would like to point to someone from our top 12 information resources for 2012. Michael Savage, whether you agree with him or not, is a perfect example of changing life paths. In his case, he DID get the opportunity late in life, which is not guaranteed. Dr. Savage started working at his dad’s antique shop as a kid. He later went to college in New York and earned a degree in biology. He first worked as a social worker and then ended up being a high school teacher. Good story for most people, right? Not even close as he would eventually find himself as a gatekeeper for an estate. Some time after, Savage went back to school in Hawaii and earned master’s degrees in anthropology and ethnobotany. Then he earned a nutritional ethnomedicine Ph.D from California, Berkeley. Savage then ended up in Fiji collecting and documenting plants! Penning nearly 20 books to this point, it wasn’t until age 52 that he landed the job for which he spent his whole life prepping.

Upon seeing RISK in the rejection and the REWARD of possible employment, Michael Savage made a demo tape and sent it to 250 radio stations. The Savage Nation was born. It has been on air for over 18 years and Dr. Savage, now 70 years old, has obviously found his niche in life, though it took him 52 years to do so. The stories he has that accompany this life journey are interesting alone, but for the purpose of this post, we want to illustrate how a life path can change on the extreme end. It takes a willingness to take appropriate risks for the possibility of reward. Michael Savage has now written a total of nearly 30 books! This goes to show you, until you are six feet under, that situations will arise and it is up to YOU to determine if you will experience regret or not. Age is NEVER an excuse in accepting regret, you must pursue what you are on this earth to do.



We are getting pretty lengthy now, so we’ll visit one more regret scenario. Again, circumstances will all vary, but you can easily tweak this to fit your own.

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“How did I get here?”

Taking a look at personal health, you are a 35 year old mother of 3 kids. Fit in your prime, you now see yourself (physically) as a beast. You have slowly added on baby weight with each child, and it now has become a painful reality that is was never really baby weight to begin with. You are still 35 years old, what should you do?

Best outcome (REWARD): You see that this current bodily state is detrimental to your health and future and so you immediately make it a priority to shed the ‘layers of contempt.’ Through that deliberate decision, you embark on a rigorous plan and regain your model self back in 2 years. Your hubby wants another several kids. The End.

Worst Outcome (RISK): Here, the risk in NOT acting may have unbelievable life changing consequences. Your shallow husband may lose physical interest in you. Your 3 shallow kids are ashamed of what you’ve become and drift away mostly from embarrassment. Health problems and medications are the result of a neglect of our temple. Then you look in the mirror 20 years later and the feeling in your gut is unbearable. Here you are, fat and alone, contemplating why you didn’t take action 20 years ago. Now what can you do? Aside from surgery, how can you possibly regain a figure? How can you get your kids to see the ‘you’ underneath all of that… You have a heart attack, nobody cares. The End.

Stay away from here, you NEVER want to be here.

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Oh, the ripples!…… the water, the ripples in the water!

In this situation, the reward of taking action far outweighs the risk of not. So, when your 35 and your family and friends poke fun a ‘chubby mom’ losing all that ‘baby weight’… organic this, natural that, “Geez mom, just let us eat some damn McDonald’s tonight!” So what? The little comments and gripes are nothing compared to the stomach shredding experience of it being to late to address the issue. (also, don’t raise assholes for kids)



When taking this risk vs reward approach, it is mostly a mindset that you need to develop. You need to know exactly what you want in life, what you want to be, where you want to go, etc. When you have a clear objective of what you are looking for, the decisions will be much easier to make, even when time doesn’t permit. As situations present themselves, you will learn to quickly discern your risk vs reward because you will already know for what your soul yearns.

Do you have an idea of the qualities possessed by your other half, that perfect mate? Do you desire doing a different career as your life’s goal? Is there someplace you always wanted to go? Are you unhappy with your physical appearance? Ask yourself these questions and many more so that when your situations present themselves, you can make the correct discernment. At all costs, you need to avoid the rigors associated with regret.



Thus far, this has been a pretty secular summary. However, for the religious, faith is paramount in avoiding the state of regret.

Don't Make Satan Happy | Stay Away from Here | State of Regret |

Don’t Make Satan Happy

Fear and regret are the works of Satan. The Devil and Self Doubt go hand and hand. Know that the Supreme Being is in control and if you put your faith in Him, you can not lose. Your faith in Him will lead you to accept whatever outcome your action breeds as it will be His will. On the contrary, by not practicing your faith in Him, and succumbing to fear, you in turn are putting your faith in Satan.

God protects us from all anxiety, but only if you put your trust in His plan and act with integrity. However, if you don’t act with deliberateness and instead give a lukewarm reaction, you are separating yourself from God as witnessed by your lack of faith. It is not easy and we face challenges everyday. But at least in recognizing your shortcomings, you will go a long way in properly assessing your risk and reward outcomes and do what would please God.



Get an idea of everything you intend for your life. Use this as base anytime a situation presents itself in which you may be uncomfortable. Discern your risk vs reward and act with integrity. By any means, avoid at all costs the state of regret. Stay away from here. It is a state of indefinite borders and does not always allow you to pass. It is the tool of the devil and the negative which saps you of your energy and life. Take action and when you do make a mistake, learn from it and try again. Just don’t live a lukewarm life, you will find yourself on your deathbed being consumed by regret.


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