Preparation and food storage may be essential to your survival. Up until only a few short decades ago, people grew their own food, or at least had a local farmer whom they bought from. Now, however, the majority of Americans are dependent on grocery stores, restaurants, and delis for their food. It has become commonplace, and for many, it is all that they know.


This is one of our most dangerous threats to survival. Due to all of the economic uncertainty, threats of attack, and natural disasters, our way of life could be uprooted with little warning. Surely you’ve seen how empty store shelves get when a major snowfall is forecasted. Well, let’s take a real calamity, and then imagine it occurring without notice. What would happen if shipping routes were blocked?…. Food deliveries not made?…..Stores empty?…..Who would survive?….. How long could they last?…..How many would see their demise?….Who would turn to violence?

this is NOT the violence of concern

Let’s say that, as Procinctu warned in the ‘MONEY’ section, some event were to set off a hyperinflationary crisis in America. What do you think would happen? Would the value of money lose half its value everyday? How could anyone keep going to work, earning significantly less each day? Surely, everything would come to a screeching halt. And there would literally be no societal function until the crisis settled. Those dark days could consist of days, weeks, or even months! You are going to need food, water, and essentials to survive until everything stabilizes.

Procinctu wants to make sure that everyone not only be self-reliant in case of an emergency, but to also have the ability to help others who didn’t have the foresight or means to prepare.

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