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FreedomFest 2012 | Las Vegas July 11-14

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Perhaps you are hunting for an opportunity to attend a luncheon with Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, etc. Or maybe you would like to rub elbows with Rand Paul. How about witnessing the first (mock) debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? Well, July 11-14, FreedomFest in Las Vegas will have something for all free thinkers.

China Begins Silver Futures Trading

What is the most populated country in the world? Of course, the answer is China with over 1.3 billion people.

So what happens when the most populated country in the world opens a market up to its populace and China Begins Silver Futures Trading? Of course, the answer is hundreds of millions Chinese will have easier access to invest in silver.

As China Begins Silver Futures Trading on the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), the Chinese will not be the only group affected, but the event will be felt globally. The long-term price of silver may be impacted all over the world. Here’s Why…

Top 12 Information Resources for 2012

If you get all of your information from mainstream sources, you are NOT getting all of the information. Procinctu will share with you the Top 12 Information Resources for 2012.

This may be the most important article you ever read. In it you will find many alternative resources pertinent to your survival and hopefully your prosperity.

Did you know that 6 corporations control the media? In the 1980’s that number was closer to 50, but through mergers and buyouts, that number has dwindled to 6! Most Americans are unaware of this and are easily conditioned because they are only getting the ‘approved’ news.

Bread is Dead!

The message was “Bread is Dead!” It was heard during daily mass at St. Paul Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, CO. The homily was a simple one especially since most of the congregation consisted of students from the adjacent Catholic School. Though sometimes, it is the simplest messages that are easiest to learn from.

The priest began by explaining the murderous steps bread goes through to be created…they pulverize the wheat… they pump it with foreign ingredients…they knead it as dough …  then they punch it down and divide it…and finally,  just for good measure, they bake it at hundreds of degrees. Surely by the time it is considered bread, it is truly dead… beaten to a pulp. Of course, the priest who exclaimed the “Bread is Dead!” wasn’t merely speaking of food. He was alluding to his point that the true bread of everlasting life is in Jesus Christ through the Eucharist. However, the way in which he explained, its a lesson that can also be applied to your everyday meal consumption as well.

NHL playoffs | Turn Defeat into an Opportunity to Triumph

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. -Napoleon Hill

What man puts his mind to, he can achieve. Desire, persistence, and faith harnessed together can move mountains. One is hard pressed to find a perfect example of this than the 2012 NHL Playoffs.
Many of the story-lines are really unbelievable with rookies conquering seasoned pros, underdogs casting aside the favorites, records being crushed, and some players exercising their own demons.

Take Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Your Lesson From ‘The Boxing Girls of Kabul’

Over a decade ago, Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, Afghanistan was home to executions and mutilations performed by the Taliban. Now, Ghazi Stadium is home to Afghanistan’s aspiring athletes. Most notable among these athletes are the several dozen of girls pursuing boxing.