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Farm to Table – Your Health – Why Raw Milk?

Keep it real. Keep it local!

That’s the message you get at the 6th annual Farm to Table Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. But really, no matter your location, whether it’s Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania or a Pittsburg (no ‘h’) in Texas or California….it is a message that needs to reach more people.

How the Republican Primary can Improve your Life and/or Business

There is a valuable lesson you can take from the Republican Primary in order to improve your life and even your business. This is evident by yet another upset by Rick Santorum in his winning of the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday, March 13.

Silver 2012…….and Bernanke’s sneezes

Precious metals have been on a hell of a run to start 2012. Silver in particular was up about 30% in the first 60 days of the year! Over that time, an ounce of silver (in US dollars) steadily rose from $27.79 to $37.23. As with anything else,

Your Federal Reserve Need to Know List

Over at The Economic Collapse, they had a great post about the Federal Reserve.

In it, they listed ’10 Things Every American Should Know About the Federal Reserve.’ Some of it we covered in our own FEDERAL RESERVE section, but this is still worth the read…

CPAC, Empowerment, and the Taliban

Procinctu has now officially launched and our debut didn’t come without  some controversy.

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