TRX Training…Trendy or Long Term Tool?

  • Posted September 13, 2012

by Kyla Gagnon


It has been ALL over the fitness market lately…… Let’s take a deeper look.

“Intense, Innovative, and Functional” are some terms used to describe TRX training.

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TRX kit

Well, by leveraging Gravity and YOUR own body weight, the TRX lives up to it’s above descriptive words NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I have worked in the fitness industry professionally for almost 9 years and have had my hands and feet in it for MYSELF for almost 15, and still say that if you ONLY had $200 to spend on a home gym set up, the TRX is your baby.


Let’s keep this simple and to the point shall we….. we’re all busy people… places to go, people to tend to, workouts to rock through…..sleep to be had.

  • CONSTANT CORE TRAINING – like it or not, the core muscles are ENGAGED the entire time when working with the TRX training system
  • INTENSITY adjuster built in – change your foot stance either closer or further from your base and the move increases or decreases in difficulty level
  • ENTIRE BODY worked in one workout, one location, one “machine”
  • PORTABLE – Seriously, take it ANYWHERE… I personally have taken my TRX on a road trip down the Oregon coast camping, where I strapped it to a tree limb, and all the way to Italy, where you simply attach a durable door mount (available where TRX is available).
  • FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCE – TRX training is an incredible option for everybody, honest, from FLAT OUT BEGINNER with no training experience to the Elite athlete. Again, the level of difficulty depends on YOU.
  • THE BEST OF THE BEST TRAIN WITH TRX – The TRX has been incorporated into the regular training programs of the Nations Military Leaders and even Super Bowl Champion NFLer Drew Brees has become a proponent.
  • TRX training allows you to train cardiovascularly AS well as enabling MAXIMUM strength gains with nothing more than it’s TWO STRAPS and HANDLES.
Here are just a FEW of the INFINITE workouts you can exploit with TRX training.

Check me out HERE in my FULL TRX workout with

Do you think TRX training is for you? Get it!

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